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Ultimate Christmas Giveaway Winner! Camaro, $10k Cash, and more

Ultimate Christmas Giveaway Winner! Camaro, $10k Cash, and more

Congratulations to Brandon S. from South Dakota, our Ultimate Christmas Giveaway Winner! He's getting a sweet, fully restored ‘68 Camaro along with Reba's Ultimate Christmas Collection on vinyl, $10K cash and more! Watch Chase and Patrick get his live reaction to the vehicle straight from the 1C garage.

Our Ultimate Christmas Giveaway benefitted music and arts education. Because of our members, we were able to join Reba in surprising a teacher with $10,000 for her local fine arts program! Check out the giveback video here.

Don't forget to check out our newest giveaway–a restored '85 Chevy Blazer! We've partnered with country artist Jordan Davis to give away our largest vehicle yet.

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