About Us

We're not just a giveaway company.

We're a cool giveaway company.

Created in 2012, One Country was the place people came to read about their favorite country music stars. We eventually became the giveaway platform we are today with one goal in mind — How do we pay it forward? And how do we encourage others to do the same?

We like to say we are for-profit and for good. We believe giving back should be a part of everything we do. And together with the 1C community, we bring that to life in two pretty exciting ways. 

Giveaways That Give Back

Winning feels a whole lot better when you know others are winning, too. That’s why every One Country giveaway gives back to amazing non-profits doing life-changing work in communities across America. How cool is that? Well, considering we can give back every month, pretty dang cool. 

Cindy M.
2021 Corvette Winner
K9 For Warriors
Chosen Charity Recipient of Donation
One Country Challenges

If there is one thing that matters most to us, it’s that we don’t just give back financially, we also give back with our time. We want to grow a community of “pay it forward” people who find joy in spreading the love every chance they get. The One Country challenges give members the kickstart they need to go out and give back to their very own community. And we reward them with extra giveaway entries when they do it! Because they’re awesome.

The Heartbeat of 1C: Our Members

The individuals that make up the One Country community are the cornerstone of everything we do. Because of them, we can give away more prizes and more donations to communities across the country. And together, one by one, we can help transform lives and have a ton of fun doing it.

We are always going to believe the best in people. And that the best can also happen to you. We hope you’ll join the fun.

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