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Surprising one of Reba's biggest fans with $10,000!

Surprising one of Reba's biggest fans with $10,000!

We surprised one of Reba's biggest fans with $10,000! For our Ultimate Christmas Giveaway, we wanted to pay it forward to deserving teachers supporting music and arts education in their community. We asked One Country members to nominate teachers who are making a difference, and Katie Banks-Todd of El Dorado, Kansas had a story we couldn't pass up.

Katie grew up in El Dorado and went on to have a successful career on Broadway in New York City. She chose to return to her hometown and get involved with music and arts as a way to make an impact on the future generation. With 11 years as the drama program director, and 3 years as a teacher, her impact has been incredible.

Our team traveled to El Dorado to surprise Katie and her students with $10,000 for their music/arts program. Their reaction was priceless! We're so grateful to all of our One Country members and everyone who entered the Ultimate Christmas Giveaway for making this donation possible.

Because Katie is one of Reba's biggest fans, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to surprise her with Reba concert tickets as well. Katie enjoyed a well-deserved night off singing along with Reba!

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