Volunteering should not be difficult. Serving others should not be complex. It’s about doing whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are. Simply looking out for your neighbors and offering a helping hand when needed. 

It’s what excites us the most- giving back to our communities through service. We started giving away prizes with the hope that we could build a megaphone that could inspire a community who volunteer as a way of life. To kick it off, every month One Country members get the exclusive opportunity to earn additional entries by volunteering in their very own community. 

Whether it’s mowing the yard of an elderly neighbor, volunteering at your local food pantry, or donating blood to the Red Cross; whatever it is, it’s about meeting the needs around you and finding ways to best serve our communities. 

Submit the form below with your 1 hour of community service and you will earn 500 additional entries in the G-Wagon giveaway!

Volunteering in 3 Steps

Questions? Members can email their Member Service Manager, Chels, at 

*You can submit monthly for additional entries. Terms and Conditions of giveaway apply.