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35 Words Southerners Love to Use in Place of Cuss Words

In the South, we believe in manners and politeness. We love “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am,” “please,” and “thank you;” and sometimes we’re so polite we don’t even say real cuss words. In fact, we’ve created quite the vernacular of fake cuss words – words that aren’t quite as offensive as the real thing, but words that still get your dadgum point across.

35 Words Southerners Love to Use in Place of Cuss Words:

The Darn/Dangs:
1. “Dang it”
2. “Damage”

3. “Dad Blast It”

4. “Dagnabbit”

5. “Dadgummit”
(A Southern favorite)

The 4-letter “S word” substitutes:
6. “Crap”

7. “Crapola”

8. “Crud”

9. “Crud muffin” (
Because when you add muffin it stings a little more)
10. “Shucks”

11. “Holy hhip” (
Like the Pope’s boat maybe?)
12. “Holy crap”
13. “Holy moly”

14. “Holy guacamole”

15. “Shiitake mushroom”

16. ”
Sugar Honey Iced Tea” (It’s an acronym)

The F-Bomb substitutes:
17. “Shut the front door!”

18. “Flipping!”

19. “Mother of pearl!”

20. “Fudge!”

21. “Mother trucker!”

22. “Frggin’!”

The Hecks
23. “H-E-Double LL”
24. “H-E-Double hockey sticks”
25. “What the heck? ”

26. “What on earth? ”

Son of a you-know-what:
27. “Son of bee sting”
28. “Son of biscuit ”

29. “Son of nutcracker ”

30. “Son of a motherless goat”

And some other fake cuss word favorites:
31. “Criminey/Criminelly ”

32. “Cotton picking”

33. “Fart knocker”

34. “Shut your pie hole”

35. “Kiss my grass”

36. “Horse feathers”

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