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An Update from our August 2021 $1 Million Winner, Devin R.!

An Update from our August 2021 $1 Million Winner, Devin R.!

You may remember Devin from our August 2021 $1 Million Giveaway! We're excited to share this update from Devin on how his life has changed for the better since winning. Our favorite part is that he has not only been able to invest in himself, but also used his prize to invest in his community and other people!

"Wow… this has been such an amazing experience not only for me to be able to invest back into myself and my future but to be able to invest in my community and help those around me. I have been so blessed these past few months with everything One Country has offered me; from making sure that I don’t have any questions or just checking in to see how i’m doing, they’ve been truly amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better team to do that with. 

You know, going into this I just thought ‘oh, I can help and donate to a good cause while also potentially entering to win something big’ and look where we are! There’s still days where I wake up and i’m like ‘Wow, I actually won a million dollars!’ It’s so sweet. 

…You never know, just because you’re donating to a great cause and you’re helping nonprofits all over, you could wake up one day and become a winner too and join me in the winners circle. Best of luck guys!” –Devin R.

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