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1973 "The Mallard" Chevy K20 Giveaway Winner

1973 "The Mallard" Chevy K20 Giveaway Winner

Allow us to introduce you to Karen H. from Delaware! Karen is the lucky winner of our 1973 Chevy K20 giveaway. We named this iconic 4x4 truck "The Mallard" for its stunning green color, and it just so happens that green is Karen's favorite color! She also shared with us that the 1973 model is special to her since that's when she graduated high school. This win is a full-circle moment on all accounts!

Karen told us that she's looking forward to driving the truck around town and showing it off for friends and neighbors. Aside from the prize itself, she also mentioned that she became a One Country member because she loves the work we do to support nonprofits such as food banks. We love hearing that our actions are making a positive impact for the One Country community and members like Karen!


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