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$10,000 Donation to Preserve Rockwood

$10,000 Donation to Preserve Rockwood

After our recent partnership with Elle King, we were excited to donate $10,000 to one of Elle's favorite causes, the #PreserveRockwood initiative. Earlier this year, on July 31st, Elle took the stage for a Preserve Rockwood benefit concert at Rockwood Hall to raise funds for the venue. During her performance, Elle presented the Rockwood team with the $10,000 check from One Country.

Over the past 18 years, Rockwood Hall has hosted over 75,000 shows on its three stages, helping to launch and develop the careers of thousands of artists, including Elle. It has also been the site of hundreds of appearances by Grammy, Tony, and American Music Award winners. Preserve Rockwood is working to keep this historic venue open for up-and-coming artists, as well as the dedicated fans who rely on such venues to discover new music. Learn more and get involved at

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