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Giving Back

Giving Back

Together the 1C community is supporting charities across the country



Coming together to encourage, uplift and celebrate one another

Devin R. - Winner of $1,000,000

“Thank you again. I am absolutely over the moon right now. This is such an amazing blessing in my life right and the one country crew are truly doing some of the most amazing things not just in charities but in everyday life.” — Devin r., august 2021 million dollar winner

One Country started as an online publisher, keeping people up to date on country music news and entertainment. That was fun, but we always wanted to grow One Country into something that made a real impact on people, past just delivering content. A couple of years ago, we had an idea that perhaps we could create a community of people who would love to have a chance to win something big and share our vision for doing good in the process.

After we gave away a few things, and were able to facilitate a meal packaging event in Nashville shortly after, we realized we were on to something! Now, as the 1C membership grows, we’re able to incentivize more volunteering and service opportunities. There are a lot of exciting things coming soon. We are so happy you’re here! You are literally helping to make this community a reality.

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Be the first to learn about upcoming giveaways, winner announcements and who we are helping serve at One Country. You will also find some of the best feel-good stories on the internet. All the good stuff right here in one place.

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What Our Members Are Saying

"I just want to thank you all for these opportunities and the help it provides."
— Stefanos L.
"Thank you for giving me this opportunity to support such a great and heartwarming cause. With that being said I hope to continue to support this great cause and see the growth in the near future."
— Dereckjohn L.
"Its amazing to know that I am a part of your team that contribute to so much."
— Korine M.

Because of our members, you get to "win-it-forward" when we pledge $100,000 every month to the charity of your choice.

Your Monthly Contribution

Your Monthly Contribution

Take your chance and you could win life-changing prizes when you’re entered monthly into all 1C giveaways.

One Country's Contribution

One Country’s Contribution

Together we give others the chance when we pledge $100,000 to the winner’s charity of choice.

Plus, Bonus Benefits

Earn Extra Entries

Earn Extra Entries

Accept challenges that serve your community and earn extra entries.

Exclusive Shop Discount

Exclusive Shop Discount

Receive monthly discounts on some of our favorite brands that give back.

Feel-Good Content

Feel-good Content

Read and watch some of the best feel-good stories in and outside of the 1C community.

Asked Questions

What is One Country?
One Country is a member-based platform that incentivizes giving back with incredible prizes and giveaways. Members instantly begin accumulating entries into all current giveaways when they join and are auto entered into all future giveaways throughout their membership. Additionally, they receive a “volunteer challenge” every month in their inbox that highlights a non-profit opportunity or simple act of service they can participate in to earn additional entries; taking a chance on their life changing, all while making a difference in the life of another. It’s the Membership that rewards you for doing good.
What are the perks of being a member?
Where do we begin? 1. Your chance at life-changing prizes every month! Might be $1,000,000, a new car, weekend trips or a new laptop. 2. By being a member, you’re supporting the various charities and organizations we give back to through our 1C community. 3. Members have the exclusive opportunity to earn additional entries into giveaways through our 1C Challenges delivered to your inbox every month. It’s an easy way to give back in your community and be rewarded for it! 4. You receive monthly discounts to some of our favorite brands on the 1C Shop. 5. Exclusive content that will put a smile on your face!
Is One Country a non-profit organization?
No, we are not. We like to say we are for-profit and for good! We believe for-profit companies also have a responsibility in giving back and that’s what we do. Every month we offer a “Giveaway that gives back” where the winner will select a non-profit organization that receives $100,000 from the 1C community.
How do I enter for a chance to win a giveaway?
If you want to experience all of the perks and have the best chance at winning, we encourage you to become a member. See above for all the details on that! The other option is to make a one time payment that gives you a limited number of entries into the selected giveaway. Both of these options are included on each product page. You may also choose to utilize our free Alternate Method of Entry, as found in the "Legal Information" section of each giveaway.
How old do you have to be to enter a giveaway?
You must be 18 years of age to enter any giveaway at One Country.