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Dolly Parton is the Only Co-Writer on Miley Cyrus’ New Album

Dolly Parton has 43 studio albums to her credit. She’s sold over 100 million albums worldwide and can only be described as legendary.

Over the years, Parton has written most songs on all of her albums and she’s written a lot of them by herself or with a select handful of others. This is the approach Miley Cyrus took on her upcoming album, Younger Now, so when it came to finishing it off she called in Parton to help her out.

“I’ve had a lot of butterflies… because it’s the first time, where, it’s really like, publishing your diary and letting everyone in. I’ve always written my songs, but I’ve always had collaborators and bounced back and fourth with these ideas. So, this time it’s saying, ‘this is exactly how I think and feel’… My one co-writer is my godmother Dolly Parton…” Miley told Ellen.

The song is called, “Rainbowland” and sounds a little like something Dolly would put on her own album.

Let’s remember: when Parton and Cyrus get together, it’s usually pretty great.

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