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Be a Craig: Giving Back with Walker Hayes

Be a Craig: Giving Back with Walker Hayes

Walker and Craig's story of generosity and friendship impacted all of us here at One Country. Because of our One Country members, we donated a second Yukon Denali XL to the Be A Craig Fund to be given away. Last week we joined Walker and Craig in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as they surprised a woman making an incredible impact in the lives of others.

Jennie nominated Monika to be the recipient of the Yukon because of Monika's dedication to helping others. Monika started a Facebook group to help meet the needs of her community. In the group, locals can request help with anything from needing a car seat or diapers for their child, to needing assistance with yard work. Monika connects a person in need with a person willing to help out. It's truly making an impact in her community!

Monika is an advocate for those struggling in her neighborhood, but that doesn't mean she hasn't experienced struggles of her own. Despite her own challenges to make ends meet, she has continued helping others. That's why we met up with Walker Hayes, Craig Allen Cooper, and Jennie to surprise Monika! It's safe to say she was pleasantly surprised with her new Yukon Denali XL.

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