About Us

This is what you need to know about us here at One Country— we love to give and we love to have fun. And we believe in the kind of fun that gives back. We're all about seeing lives change in both the simplest and most extravagant ways. Whether it helps one or it helps everyone, we think (actually, we know) it's worth celebrating.

Our member-based platform centers around three things: incredible prize giveaways, shopping that gives back, and uplifting storytelling. We offer our One Country members incredible prizes each month, from $100,000 cash and awesome vehicles to your dream home!

Members also gain discounted access to some of our favorite brands that give back in the One Country shop. Each brand gives back in its own unique way— accessories, apparel, footwear, and more that not only make you feel good, but make you look ridiculously good too.

We're not stopping there though. You'll be able to learn more about these brands, our prize winners, and how we are giving back at Inside 1C. Here you're going to find plenty of stories surfacing across the nation that will lift your spirits and act as a highlight reel for our country.

But wait, we haven't even gotten to the best part! When you become a member at One Country, you are supporting our charitable arm, One Country Give. One Country donates a minimum of 10% of net campaign proceeds to One Country Give. It is through One Country Give that we are able to fulfill the very thing we value most, giving back. Yes, you heard us right — you can win prizes and sleep better knowing you're helping serve others as well. Whether it's funding meal programs in America or giving back to one of you, together we're making a difference. And we like winning together!