About Us

We believe winning and giving go hand in hand

We are One Country

It is often said that a community is measured by action- how far you’re willing to go to take care of your own.

We’ve seen first hand that amazing things can happen when people share a common goal. While a community may look different for everyone, the core of it all remains the same. People being able to come together.

Throughout the years here at One Country, we have joined millions of individuals in our online community, but now we’re ready to take it one step further.

Welcome to the New One Country

A place where we celebrate some of the very best our country has to offer. But more importantly, a place where community happens and taking care of our neighbor becomes the focus again.

With our new charitable arm, our online community has the opportunity to donate with a chance at winning incredible prizes and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Your donations will go towards mobilizing this community and hundreds across the country into action. Service projects that will bring people together in getting hands on serving their neighbors.

We’re starting with hunger. Doing everything in our power to help feed children and families across the country. But that is just the beginning.

So welcome to One Country- and get ready to see more of the very best our nation has to offer. We’re excited to do this with you. 

Where Does My Money Go?

When it comes to making a monetary contribution, we know it matters where your money is going, and who it is helping. At the end of the day, all contributions made to One Country go toward helping us achieve our mission of building a community of givers and doers who come together when our country needs help most. From feeding the hungry to disaster relief, every dollar contributed gives us all the opportunity to change more lives.

The most effective way for us to raise funds and build this community is by giving away amazing prizes. While it varies per giveaway based on participation, prize cost and other expenses, at least 10% of contributions made directly benefit our partner organizations.

This set-up allows us to continue to offer amazing prizes, experiences and opportunities for our contributors, and gives us room to grow our community of people like you who are eager to change the world—and have a little fun while they do it.

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