We get it. It looks like it’s all about the fun giveaways and prizes, but trust us when we say it’s not. Getting to serve others through One Country Give is why we are here. The fun gives us this opportunity..and we believe in the kind of fun that gives back.


One Country Give is here to not only help people across our country, but to shine a light on their stories in a way we hope inspires others to see how they can serve in their own communities. Because let’s be honest- it’s fun to help others.


Every quarter, One Country Give reviews the incredible stories and causes submitted to our team. Once we identify who we can help, we don’t just want to cut a check. We want to work to see how we can best help- and how we can all support them along the way. 


Once a project is approved, the funding comes from One Country Give, the 501c3 charitable arm of One Country. A minimum of 10% of net proceeds from all campaigns go directly from One Country to One Country Give. And these funds only exist because of you, our One Country members. 


So when it is finally time to help, we also get the honor to tell the story to the millions who follow One Country. And from that, our biggest hope is that it inspires someone to find their own way they can give back. Because while we like winning, we really like it when we are winning together. 


One Country Give is an equal opportunity organization.