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Twisted X Celebrates Earth Day

Twisted X Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is here and our shop is celebrating by giving 15% off all Eco Friendly Twisted X styles! Twisted X is committed to providing sustainable comfort by creating products from recycled plastic, agricultural waste and natural resources. All the while aiding in the reforestation of the troubled tree population within the U.S.


Each pair of footwear from the ecoTWX collection is made from an average of 13 recycled plastic water bottles. To date, Twisted X has recycled more than 4.6 million bottles from polluted oceans and landfills.

Shoe Lining

Twisted X is making a complete migration from the industry standard of using harmful petrochemical nylon lining, to an eco-friendly of 50/50 exoTWX and bamboo charcoal.

Merino Wool

Twisted X utilizes the renewable and biodegradable natural fibers sheared from Merino sheep. This wool is extremely soft, odor resistant and naturally balances body temperature while wicking away sweat.

Vegetable Tanned Leathers

Using the oldest known method of tanning techniques, Twisted X leverages materials that grows naturally on our planet, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that are often damaging to the environment.

Along with their work toward reforestation, Twisted X is also devoting their efforts to the arctic shipping pledge, vowing to not ship products through arctic waters that are now accessible due to climate change. As well as their ongoing efforts to focus on waste reduction- through their office, production, shoe boxes, catalog and collateral materials. You can read more about Twisted X’s sustainability mission here

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