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Over 900 Cars Participate in Pay-it-Forward at Dairy Queen Drive-Thru

Over 900 Cars Participate in Pay-it-Forward at Dairy Queen Drive-Thru

A drive-thru at a Diary Queen in Brainerd Minnesota, was busy last week when more than 900 cars participated in a pay-it-forward chain, wrote  Good Morning America

According to Dairy Queen, the 900 car pay-it-forward event spanned two-and-a-half days. 

"I will say it over and over again, you never know who you're gonna touch when you do something. We don't know how many people that we could have touched in a bigger way," Tina Jensen, the Brainerd Dairy Queen General Manager, told Good Morning America. 

The pay-it-forward started Thursday during lunch and lasted through Saturday night, stated Good Morning America.

Jensen told Good Morning America, the line started when a man decided to pay for the bill behind him. 

After Jensen told the next car her order was taken care of she decided to keep the chain going and pay for the car after her, wrote Good Morning America. 

From there, Jensen said it just kept going, noted Good Morning America. 

Jensen told Good Morning America that she has seen 15 to 20 cars pay-it-forward but never this many. The mom of five who has been married for 29 years said the pay-it-forward chain brought so much joy and positivity to all those who participated and her staff. 

"Take care of each other," Jensen said to Good Morning America. "You know if you can help somebody, help them, you don't know how it could change their life and yours." 

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