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Kansas RN Brought to Tears By Empty Seat at George Strait Concert

Kansas RN Brought to Tears By Empty Seat at George Strait Concert

Stephanie, an RN at Cancer Center of Kansas, shared her experience about love, loss and perspective. You're not going to want to miss out on this edition of #FeelGoodFriday: 

"Almost a year ago to date, Jeff and I attended the George Strait concert- probably one of the last concerts pre-COVID in Wichita. George was one of my mom’s all-time favorite artists. It just so happened, that the chair next to me remained open the entire concert. This was the only open chair left in our section, with very few open in the entire arena. I remember George playing “I saw God today”-instant tears-…. I couldn’t help but think she too joined us at that concert. I was so focused on everything else in our life outside of that arena and almost missed the moment, but the song halted me.

I get asked, quite often, how I can live in the midst of cancer 24/7- take care of patients during the day and my husband at night. I won’t lie and say it’s never taxing, because it most definitely has been at times. But the truth of the matter is, losing myself in the service of others is the greatest gift I could ever give myself.

Some of the most painful and heartbreaking moments, working in the world of oncology, can also be the most beautiful- Holding the hand of a scared stranger. Watching a spouse so gently care for the love of their life. Witnessing strangers, fighting the same battle, encourage one another. Saying a final goodbye. The list goes on, but the point is, I get to see God’s work in motion on a daily basis, and let me tell you…. after 10 years, it continues to pull at my heart and provide a daily dose of perspective.

So I’m standing on the truth that even in trying times God is still showing up, and He’s with us for whatever battles we face. Just don’t be afraid to open your eyes for it. I almost missed the empty chair next to me…"

Thanks to Stephanie in Wichita, Kansas, for not only sharing her story with us, but for also pushing us to always keep our eyes open, no matter the battle at hand!

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