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Amber Smith on 'Bringing Good From Loss' [WATCH]

Amber Smith on 'Bringing Good From Loss' [WATCH]

Episode four of “Picture This! with The AntMan,” is here! We are excited to share this exclusive series by offering a look into some intimate moments with some of your favorite country artists and the stories behind their pictures.

This week's episode features Amber Smith, the wife of country singer and songwriter, Granger Smith. From their engagement and wedding, to working together and starting the River Kelly Fund after the loss of one of their children- this episode makes you pause and think about how important it is to cherish every moment with your loved ones. 

Smith speaks about faith, grief, hope, healing and how that led her to where she is now. Watch the video linked above to see how Smith shares her story in order to help even just one person. 

Anthony Allen otherwise known as The AntMan, is currently a photographer and host of the Picture This Podcast. Lay previously hosted several country radio shows, as well as IHeartMedia's Country House Party. You can find Anthony on Instagram here

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