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99 Ways to Spend $1 Million

99 Ways to Spend $1 Million

Wondering how you would spend $1 million if you won our biggest giveaway yet? Lucky for you we've come up with 99 different ways to put that amount of money to use. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, food connoisseur, golf fanatic or major video gamer, we think you'll find something or a combination of things on this list to enjoy!

1. Book your dream trip. 

2. Buy a new car. 

3. Pay off loans. 

4. Re-model your home. 

5. Get your degree. 

6. Get a new wardrobe. 

7. Pay it forward. 

8. Skydive in Thailand.   

9. Go on a cruise. 

10. Get all new camping equipment. 

11. Invest in stock. 

12. Buy a high quality camera. 

13. Try out a new sport. 

14. Take cooking classes. 

15. Learn how to play an instrument. 

16. Go skiing. 

17. Buy a pet, or two, or three.  

18. Plant a garden.

19. Get a tattoo. 

20. Learn a new language. 

21. Sit front row at a professional sporting event. 

22. Buy a boat. 

23. Get backstage passes to your favorite band's next performance. 

24. Bungee jump in China. 

25. Visit the seven wonders of the world. 

26. Book tickets to Paris fashion week. 

27. Trade out your family's old phones for brand new ones. 

28. Get all new gaming equipment. 

29. Buy some land. 

30. Learn how to scuba-dive. 

31. Stock up a food pantry. 

32. Save for the future. 

33. Start a small business. 

34. Buy a second home. 

35. Wine taste at vineyards in Italy. 

36. Take surfing lessons in Malibu. 

37. Start a scholarship in your name. 

38. Go off the grid for a little bit. 

39. Treat yourself to the ultimate spa day. 

40. Buy some one of a kind art pieces. 

41. Stay at an all exclusive resort in Mexico. 

42. Buy a new computer and laptop.

43. Create or invest in a start-up company. 

44. Fly first class. 

45. Buy a time-share. 

46. Cage dive with sharks in South Africa.

47. Trace your ancestors and visit where they came from. 

48. Work out with a personal trainer. 

49. Take a good old fashioned road trip. 

50. Stay at a hotel/casino in Las Vegas. 

51. Buy tickets to be a part of a talk show audience. 

52. See the Northern Lights in Norway. 

53. Celebrate St. Patricks day in Ireland. 

54. Fly in a helicopter. 

55. Take a tour of the White House.

56. Cliff-jump off the coast of Greece. 

57. Host the ultimate holiday party. 

58. Learn to make pottery. 

59. Go on an African Safari. 

60. Take dance classes. 

62. Visit the Pyramids at Giza. 

63. Celebrate Christmas in New York City. 

64. Go white water rafting in Colorado. 

65. Plan for a legendary wedding/ vow renewal. 

66. Go on a delicious food tour. 

67. Ride a camel in the Morocco desert. 

68. Make fresh sushi in Japan. 

69. Visit the set of your favorite TV show or movie. 

70. Explore the Amazon Rain Forest. 

71. Fly in a hot air balloon. 

72. Visit Buckingham Palace. 

73. Master the art of coffee and latte making. 

74. Buy all new kitchen equipment. 

75. Create the ultimate gaming set-up.

76. Attend a show at the Sydney Opera House. 

77. Backpack through South America. 

78. Go rock climbing. 

79. Hula dance in Hawaii. 

80. Visit a volcano. 

81. Add a movie room to your home. 

82. Pay off a loved ones debt. 

83. Paraglide in Mozambique. 

84. Swim with dolphins in New Zealand. 

85. Attend a Texas rodeo. 

86. Horseback ride on a beach.

87. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany. 

88. Eat at a 5 star restaurant. 

89. Donate to a charity close to your heart. 

90. Dog Sled in Alaska.

91. Explore all of the Disney World theme parks. 

92. Visit all of the U.S. national parks. 

93. Mountain bike in Uah. 

94. Stay on a private island. 

95. Watch a live orchestra. 

96. Marvel at world renowned art at the Lourve. 

97. Start a farm. 

98. Buy a jet ski. 

99. Summit Mount Everest. 

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