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5-Year-Old Uses Piggy Bank Money to Give Cake,  New Year's Cards to Nursing Home Residents

5-Year-Old Uses Piggy Bank Money to Give Cake, New Year's Cards to Nursing Home Residents

According to Good Morning America, hundreds of nursing home residents in New York received handmade best wishes for the new year all thanks to the kindness of one 5-year-old girl.

Ayrana Chopra, 5, of Vestal, New York, spent her winter break making 200 New Year's cards for the residents of a local nursing home, wrote Good Morning America. 

"I just wanted to cheer them up because they cannot meet their friends and family because of the Coronavirus," Aryana told Good Morning America. "I decorated my cards with writing and colorful drawings." 

Ayrana's mom, Shachi Chopra, told Good Morning America she saw her daughter making cards one day and asked her what she was doing.When Aryana told her she wanted to give the cards to people in a nursing home, Chopra connected with a local nursing home and asked how many residents there were. 

Ayrana was not intimidated by the number, 200, wrote Good Morning America.

"I asked Ayrana, 'Can you make 200 cards,' and she said, 'Oh yes I can,'" Chopra told Good Morning America. 

Once Ayrana began making the handmade cards she decided she wanted to do more, so she used money from her piggy bank to buy the residents a New Year's cake as well as a decorative Santa Claus and a vase, Chopra said to Good Morning America. 

"My heart actually melted," Chopra told Good Morning America of her reaction to Aryana's good deed. "She has such a kind heart and really wants to be generous. I was amazed by her thinking." 

Chopra delivered the gifts from Ayrana to the nursing home this week and the family has already received photos from the nursing home of the residents reading the cards, with huge smiles on their faces, Chopra told Good Morning America. 

Ayrana hopes to keep in touch with the nursing home residents and visit them in person once it is safe to do so, according to Good Morning America. 

"I want to go meet them in the nursing home and see how they feel after seeing my 200 cards," Ayrana said to Good Morning America.

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